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Mr Dylan

As a homeschool, VBest Scholar offers students the most effective school classes as we have numerous passionate yet professional tutors. Students preparing for their IGCSE examinations will receive the best academic guidance from our daily lessons. With our tutors who are fully committed to produce A+ results in each and every student, the students will […]

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Ms Emily Ang

Teaching Experience SJK(C) Chung Hua Klang, 2012 – 2013   Education Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biomedical Science, UTAR

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Ms Alexis Jiou

Teaching has been my passion since I was young. Back when I was a student, I was constantly blessed with having inspiring teachers who guided me through to various academic achievements. I have been through ups and downs, before I successfully step foot into my dream, which is to become a teacher. Now, as a […]

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Mr Fahmi

Biography Aspire to remain a passionate teacher using my passion & commitment to contribute towards the accomplishment of school’s goal and vision. Born with natural analytical disposition, my passion is constantly encourage, support and induce the curiosity of students to study the beauty of science. Both results and relationship oriented, I also constantly seek to […]

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Mr Lee Hong

No one will be successful doing things that they are not passionate about. And I strongly believe that a role of a tutor, a teacher wasn’t just to deliver knowledge to students, but to make students obtain passions and learn by applying practical knowledge in real world, as well as to make students to develop […]

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Dr Catherine Tan | AD

ACADEMIC DIRECTOR | AD Passionate and Motivational Educator  Ever since she started teaching, she has been passionate in her commitment to three things: maximize individual student performance, inspiring students’ interest in science and technology and installing a sense of self-worth among all students. Central Teaching Competencies > 5 years of teaching > Adapt use of […]

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Ms Carmen Cheong

Biography Ms Carmen is an aspiring teacher with more than 5 years of solid experience in the education field. She earned her Bachelor Degree at Monash University, where she majored in Food Science and Technology.  She has received the Sin Chew Achievement Scholarship as an acknowledgment of her marvels in academic. Taking pleasure in the […]

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Mr Marcus Lee

Biography Mr. Marcus has an evident teaching experience for lower and upper secondary students. He has more than 2 years of participation in delivering national and international curriculum. Academically, Mr. Marcus has an Advanced Diploma qualification in Science as acknowledged by Tunku Abdul Rahman College, where he majored in Chemistry and Biology. Mr. Marcus has […]

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Dr Wong YH

  Teaching Experience Lecturer in Taylor University Tutor in University of Malaya Training/mentoring of Junior Master and PhD students Education Background & Qualifications Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry) at University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) First Class Honours (CGPA 3.85) at University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Certificate of High School (STPM) at Catholic High School, […]

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Ms Elizabeth Teh

Biography Ms Elizabeth is a dedicated and empathic educator who strives to not only educate and guide but also share and inculcate her love for knowledge amongst her students. She encourage her students to challenge themselves and to hone their existing academic abilities though encouragement and motivation. She is approachable and believes in open communication. […]

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