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Mr Tony

Description Curiosity is the beginning in all pursuits of knowledge. As a teacher, I believe that as a teacher, his job is to bring out that spark in all of his students. Guidance alone can only bring a student thus far, but once a student is awakened filled with unquenchable curiosity and burning passion, he […]

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Ms Josephine

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. Qualification Bachelor in business administration at SABI Teaching experience 7 years teaching experience and 6 years experience in supervision One year experience in primary tuition syllabus

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Mr Andy Lee

Description Knowledge carries no power if it’s not applied in a proper manner. Too often, students tend to put much effort in memorizing formulas and theories, and most breaks down to a common point, failure to score in exam. Reason behind this is simple, memorization of facts and statements is not the vital key to […]

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Ms Alexis Jiou

Teaching has been my passion since I was young. Back when I was a student, I was constantly blessed with having inspiring teachers who guided me through to various academic achievements. I have been through ups and downs, before I successfully step foot into my dream, which is to become a teacher. Now, as a […]

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Mr Niven Virik

Education Master of Science in Engineering, University of Malaya Major: Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Degree (Hons) Mechanical Engineering   Teaching Experience Private home tuition for three years

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Dr Jacqueline Hay | AD

ACADEMIC DIRECTOR | AD Ms. Jacqueline has more than 6 years of teaching experience. She is a passionate teacher with her quote “Slow but steady” and always practices 3P during her teaching – Patience, Practice and Passion. She believes each student has his/her own pace during their learning process. Hence, she is patience in her […]

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Mr Rong Bin

Education is the most important element to nurture our future generations. Education is not just about having the knowledge. It has to be implemented to our daily life. Here come his roles to provide guidance on the understanding of knowledge by the student as well as to help the students to gain necessary skills in […]

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Mr Eddie

It is important to ensure you find the difference between learning and studying in which study is a process of which someone acquire knowledge through reading or memorizing. However, learning is way which gain knowledges, skills and experiences. Understanding is the key of learning. There is shortcut in studying but there is no shortcut in […]

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Mr Kenny

Mr Kenny is a passionate teacher who will reach for every student’s needs of education and knowledge. Education is an important element for everyone, delivering the knowledge to younger generation require effort and passion in order for the knowledge to be conveyed easily and grasp quickly. Teaching is a passion and to bond with the […]

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Mr Desmond

Education is not only to achieve a good result in examination but it is also to decorate your life. However, most of the students are not interested in studies as they feel difficult, not helpful, and hardly applicable in their daily life. Thus, I’m here to tell you guys that education is actually very easy […]

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