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Ms Chloe Ghan

Education Master’s degree at UCSI University Major: Applied Science, by Research Bachelor with Honours Degree at UCSI University Major: Food Science and Nutrition Cambridge A-level at Taylor University Major: Science (Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics)   Teaching Experience Teaching assistant in UCSI University   Achievement 1st runner up in Postgraduate Research Paper Poster Competition at 9th […]

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Ms Shannon Ong

I remember asking someone: Why do you want to be a teacher? She replied with an astonishing answer: I want to be an inspiration to many, who knew that one day I could be the teacher to the next Einstein. Those words linger in my head till now. I believe DREAMS are made by inspirations […]

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Mr Kenny

Mr Kenny is a passionate teacher who will reach for every student’s needs of education and knowledge. Education is an important element for everyone, delivering the knowledge to younger generation require effort and passion in order for the knowledge to be conveyed easily and grasp quickly. Teaching is a passion and to bond with the […]

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Mr Khing | AD

ACADEMIC DIRECTOR | AD An outstanding individual and now a passionate teacher. Understanding is the most vital criteria because he believes that it is the main root in building interest in studies, and interest towards studies will eventually help to foster a positive learning environment. ‘Play hard, study smart’, is what he has been practising […]

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Mr Desmond

Education is not only to achieve a good result in examination but it is also to decorate your life. However, most of the students are not interested in studies as they feel difficult, not helpful, and hardly applicable in their daily life. Thus, I’m here to tell you guys that education is actually very easy […]

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Mr Bryan Lim

I believe education and learning should be fun. This may sound like a stereotype-ish thing to say for a teacher, but this time, its different. Like most high school students, completing SPM was merely a compulsory obligation for me. However, that all changed when I enrolled in college. My physics lecturer managed to interest me […]

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Mr Lee Hong

No one will be successful doing things that they are not passionate about. And I strongly believe that a role of a tutor, a teacher wasn’t just to deliver knowledge to students, but to make students obtain passions and learn by applying practical knowledge in real world, as well as to make students to develop […]

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Mr Ivan Soh | AD

ACADEMIC DIRECTOR | AD Every single day in our lives, the significance of Physics and Science is one that cannot be ignored. None of our days are passed without physics or science, anything that we have done will be closely related to them. For instance, the way we live, we eat, we walk, we stand […]

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Ms Asmarani

  Teaching Experience Home Tuition Tutor Education Background & Qualifications Bachelor Degree of Engineering (Hons.) in Mechatronics Engineering at International Islamic University Malaysia Foundation of Engineering at International Islamic University Malaysia

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Mr Lee

A Passionate Teacher which Delivers Precise Lessons Mr Lee has been teaching Secondary Science since January 2001, he has accumulated more than 10 years of teaching experience. His lessons are carefully structured with high value of content and also straight – to- the – point explanations. The lessons that he delivers has element of fun […]

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