Dr Catherine Tan | AD


Passionate and Motivational Educator 

Ever since she started teaching, she has been passionate in her commitment to three things: maximize individual student performance, inspiring students’ interest in science and technology and installing a sense of self-worth among all students.

Central Teaching Competencies
> 5 years of teaching
> Adapt use of assessments and talent for incorporating technology into lessons
> Strong foundational knowledge with ability to design and modify lessons appropriately for students’ needs
> Strong ability to build positive relationship with students and parents with differing communication styles and diverse backgrounds

Education Background
> University Putra Malaysia – Doctor of Philosophy (Pharmacology and Toxicology) CGPA 4.000
> University Putra Malaysia – Bachelor of Science (Honors) – First Class Honor with CGPA 3.957
> Portsmouth University – Research attachment at Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Science

Vast Exposure
> Tutor for Biochemistry Practical II at Department of Biochemistry and Faculty of Biotechnology and Science Biomolecule, University Putra Malaysia
> Volunteer Educator in Wuhan, China to educate students, on a HIV/AIDS education and awareness campaign (organized by AIESEC)

Academic Achievements
> Dean’s List Honors Awards
> Oral presenter at Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar
> Best debater, Best Illustrator and Best Story Teller at Youth Malaysian Public Speaking Club
> First place at 3 Minute Thesis, Faculty of Medicine, University Putra Malaysia
> JPA Scholarship
> MyBrain, MyPhD scholarship

Being profound in wide range of Biology and Chemistry syllabus and exam scopes:
o Cambridge IGCSE
o Edexcel IGCSE
o Cambridge A-Levels
o Edexcel A-Levels
o OCR A-Levels
o AQA A-Levels
o Monash Foundation (MUFY)
o Canadian Program (CPU)
o International Baccalaureate (IB)


Dr. Catherine Tan was once a volunteer educator in Wuhan, China to educate students on a HIV/AIDS education and awareness campaign (organized by AIESEC). She was sharing Malaysia’s culture with the students in China at the beginning of the campaign.


Dr. Catherine Tan as the oral presenter at Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar.

Dr. Catherine Tan had her research attachment at neuro-oncology lab at Portsmouth University, United Kingdom for her PhD project.

Messages from Dr Catherine Tan’s students who score their exam with flying color.

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