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Knowledge carries no power if it’s not applied in a proper manner. Too often, students tend to put much effort in memorizing formulas and theories, and most breaks down to a common point, failure to score in exam. Reason behind this is simple, memorization of facts and statements is not the vital key to achieve good exam performance.

Having thorough understanding on topics coupled with sufficient amount of technical knowledge are the two basic fundamentals to ace in exam. However, the cycle is never complete without tremendous and constant practice. With all these successful learning traits, students are able to grasp the concepts faster, understand comprehensively and have a better identification on common asking method. Learning is a lifelong process, thus it’s always better to equip yourself with the tool to understand, imbibe and apply knowledge the more effective way.

To strive for the best, you do not need relentless effort, what you need is a mentor, right guidance and the correct set of tool to work things out.

Teaching Experience

1. More than 2 years of teaching
2. Understanding-based learning
3. Reflective learning session conducted on daily basis to recapitulate on previous topic.
4. Understand concepts –> memorize key points –> Constant practice –> A*

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