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Energetic Teacher with Passion

Mr Austin is a high achiever himself during his secondary years. In tertiary level, he has attained commendable results and achievements. Nurtured by his own interest in Mathematical language, he has been actively teaching Additional Mathematics and Mathematics for more than 7 years.

His mathematics lessons cater to all levels of students where they can learn at their own pace and test their mastery through interactive exercises. The lessons are in the form of more than 1000 sample questions and solutions, consistent tests to monitor progress and valuable last minute extra classes right before exams. His expertise is in conceptualising techniques for long term retention of the mathematical practice.

Effective Teaching And Highly Experience
Started teaching since 2007
Has coached more than 100 students with 91% distinction rate
Short-cut techniques to solve examination questions
Consistent tests to monitor students progress
Valuable last minutes revision classes
Principal of education group

Well Prepared Mathematics Notes
Simple concept for students to understand and apply
Quick, concise and effective techniques to answer different patterns of examination questions
Well-prepared notes with progressive level of difficulty
More than 1000 Questions compiling from Trial and Past Examinations

Merits & Achievements
High Distinctions in Pre-University Mathematics
Achieved As for all Mathematics and Additional Mathematics examinations in Secondary School
Awarded Dean Lists by Malaysia Top University
National Mathematics Competition for Secondary Schools
Hua Lo Keng Cup Mathematics  Competition
Smart Quiz Mathematics KUTPM
National Olympiad Mathematics Competition
National Junior Mathematics Competition for Chinese Primary Schools







IGCSE Final Lap Workshop

This is an intensive igcse workshop to motivate students and teachers and prepare them for the Oct/Nov IGCSE Examinations a few weeks to come. There are more than 200 students from MRSM schools who find mr austin’s workshop motivational and very helpful.

His carefully structured noted are prepared to make the most of the students potential. The 2 + 2 hours workshop was completed seamlessly.

igcse workshop austin 6 igcse austin 2igcse add math austin 3 igcse seminar austin 5 mr austin add math booklet igcse booklet

austin naomi igcse

Mr Austin Lau and Ms Elizabeth Naomi Dubois
who is one of the panel teachers from United Kingdom, UK

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