Mr Brad Soo

Academic Director | AD

Everyone can be an entrepreneur to pursuit their dreams.

Mr. Bradshaw, from a 4 years Financial Consultant of a local bank to a dedicated business tutor who sharing his best in business, accounting and economics to students.

Has no doubt on his wide range of knowledge in the business field, this make his class always more interesting as real profitable companies, current market trend or even Asian financial crisis in 1997 also applying in the IGCSE syllabus which beyond the theories on textbook. This definitely assist the students to understand the syllabus better in a positive learning environment.

“You know 1+1=2 because you understand it, so it does stick in your memory easily, not because you memorize it”, said Mr.Bradshaw. His teaching is highly focus on the understanding rather than memorizing.

Best part of his teaching, all students required to start up their own business in the class, the whole syllabus will be apply on their own business, hence during the exam it is much more easier for students to recall whatever they’d learnt in class!!

Mr. Bradshaw has great patient to guide students to achieve excellent result in IGCSE, from what we see, he is truly inspiring the students beyond academy and shaping the future entrepreneur.

“Exposure from a young age to the realities of the world is a super-big thing.” – Bill Gates

Teaching Experience & Education Skills

  • More than 4 years of teaching
  • Short-cut techniques to solve examination questions
  • Simple concept for students to understand and apply
  • Clear guidance to assist the critical thinking skills for exam
  • Intensive extra classes before exam


  • he holds a Bachelor of Business (Hons) (Finance), HELP University
  • Financial Consultant in Hong Leong bank for 4 years

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