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In Mr lelon teaching, he strongly believes that Physics cannot be learned through the rote memorisation of formulas, in fact, students need to see the concepts in real “action” and day to day examples in order to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding.

With his expertise in educational technology and knowledge in recognizing students’ learning styles, he incorporates various features of ICT technologies, multimedia tools, hands-on activities and demonstration kit to stimulate students’ senses, helping them understand Physics in a fun, enjoyable yet engaging environment.

Besides that, he also imparts mnemonic techniques and question tackling skills to his students that have helped many of his past students to achieve excellent grades.

Truth to tell, many digital native students are impressed with his unique and outstanding lesson delivery model which consisting of:

  • Exclusive notes and exercises
  • Comprehensive topical past year exam paper questions
  • Intensive formula sheet
  • Engaging in-class multimedia PowerPoint and simulation
  • Fascinating hands-on activities
  • Authentic demonstration kit

Excellent Academic Achievement

  • Bachelor Degree of Engineering (Electrical – Telecommunication), UTM
  • First Class Honours – awarded Dean’s Award
  • Master Degree of Educational Technologies, MMU
  • First Class Honours

Experienced Teacher

  • Have 10 years’ teaching/training experiences as school teacher and tutor
  • Physics (SPM, IGCSE, SACE)
  • ICT (Year 2 – Year 12, Adult)
  • Primary school teacher (Year 2 – Year 6)

Creative and High ICT Proficiency

  • Have experiences in planning and conducting/developing
  • STEM education programming class
  • Advanced PowerPoint for classroom training workshop
  • Cross-curricular project based learning integrated with technology
  • Educational software for schools across Asia

Recognized Expertise

  • Have four education research articles published in respectable publication
  • Have been invited to give presentation at three teaching conferences
  • Have been invited by renowned private school as judge for “PowerPoint” Competition”

pic 1
Never feel bored in class, Mr. lelon is a friendly teacher!


pic 2
Learning through stimulating multimedia/simulation
makes Physics concepts easier to understand!


IMG_20160629_203709 (1)
Demonstration/Experiment makes Physics learning more interesting
as well as relevant to real life!


Comprehensive learning materials
(notes, exercises, topical pass year questions, formulate list)
help you study smart and score A’s

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