Ms Catherine Lee

     1) LLB Bachelors of Laws ,University of London (HONS)(EXTERNAL)
     2)Master in Business Administration
     3)Bachelor in Business Administration
Teacher Experience 
     1) Sep 2009   – Lecturer in several colleges and tutored privately.
          present        Subjects taught –
                              – English ISGCE Year 12
                              – English (MOE syllabus) Std 1 – Form 5
                              – A-Levels Law
                              – A-Levels Business Studies
– LLB University of London Commercial Law
– LLB University of London Public Law
                              – LLB University of London Law of Tort

2) Mac 2007-Sep -Completed my LLB with the University of London with Honors .

3)2001-Mac 2007             Sunway University College
Position                                  Lecturer

Scope                            – To assist foreign students adjust to the Malaysian learning environment through personal counseling,
                                        – To provide basic communications skills training
– To track foreign and locate foreign students on behalf of the college to account absenteeism from class.
– To act as liaison between guardians or parents of students in monitoring progress of students
– To maintain records of each student.

Subject Lectured     – Introduction to Business (CIM)
– Business Communications (CIM)
– Introduction to Marketing (CIM)
– Management (ABE)
– Computer Skills (ABE / CIM)

Achievements           At College Level

– Represented department at College Level for Staff Association
-Represented department as Student Advisory Team with the

                                  Student Services Department
– Lead and organized HIV Awareness Day with UNDP Malaysia
– Organized  SYUC Health Week 2 years in a row
– Developed and facilitated corporate training programs with the Sunway Corporate Training Department

                                   At Department Level
– Designed, implemented and executed systems and procedures for student’s progress and discipline.
– Organize Business Day
– Organized Intensive Revision Seminar 2 years in a row.

                                   Courses and Seminars Attended
– Tests and Measurements
– Counseling skills and Techniques
– Leadership Training

4)1999-2001           OLYPIA BUSINESS SCHOOL

Position                  Coordinator cum Lecturer

Scope                      Managed and lead the college initiative for the School of Secretarial Sciences (KL Center)

1)Management and Marketing
– In charge of recruitment of potential lecturing candidates, conducted performance appraisals for lecturers and                                                  implemented improved lecturing methods and motivational training modules for lecturers.
– Involved in the planning and preparation of marketing strategies SWOT analysis exercises and participated in the                                             launch of educational road shows

2) Academic
– Designated and Principal Lecturer in Business, Communications, Marketing, Management Accounting and                                                             Secretarial skills
– Responsible for the overall academic and social development of students, i.e. n providing  counseling and                                                             consultation for students,   organizing extra curricular activities and trips for students and conducting personal                                                 development programs for students.
– Acted as Advisor to Secretarial Student Club

3)Social Development
– Initiated and implemented Development Functions for the Secretarial School for Model Office Training and                                                          development of short courses in e-secretaryship.


Achievement           Corporate Development Executive
-Successfully spearheaded a full scale company wide research into the effectiveness the company’s current systems                                           and procedures.
– Developed staff development and training based on needs analysis
– Nominated and elected to play a leadership role as the company’s QA coordinator and acted as Executive
Secretary for TQM Steering Committee
– Managed the documentation process for the application for ISO 9002 accreditation
– Designed and facilitated customized motivational and leadership training based on TQM and ISO principles.
– Managed the documentation process for LAN application for IT Diploma Course, IPTS application for HQ and                                                       Branches, for HRDF application, Franchise Compliance Act 1998, applications for Teaching permits.
– Provided support and acted a the communication channel between franchise holders in the area of corporate                                                       development
– Established and maintained relationships between the company and government authorities.
– Resumed the leadership role in the company Sports Club as President for 2 years
– Led Y2K Compliance Project Team on behalf of QA committee .

6)1996 – 1997       STAMFORD COLLEGE
Position                   Secretary for Director of Studies Office


                          – Assisted the Director in preparing and setting up training modules for lecturing staff and formulation of marketing                                            strategies
                          – Worked closely with the Director of Studies to rewrite the Private Secretarial Courses manual.
                          – Provided administrative and secretarial support to Director of Studies in respect of time scheduling, attendance at                                          management meetings and writing of minutes and reports in connection therewith
                          – Designed various spreadsheets and student databases for reporting purposes
                          – Career guidance counseling to overseas and local students and participated in event organization activities                                                          implemented by the Division of Studies .

7)1993-1996          MAGNA QUEST SDN.BHD
Position               Human Resources/Training Executive

                          – Set up and inaugurated the policies and procedures in respect of all personnel and human resource matters
                          – Implemented Time Management and Event Organization activities
                          – Carried out Marketing and Promotion activities
                          – Bookkeeping

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