Ms Elizabeth Teh


Ms Elizabeth is a dedicated and empathic educator who strives to not only educate and guide but also share and inculcate her love for knowledge amongst her students. She encourage her students to challenge themselves and to hone their existing academic abilities though encouragement and motivation. She is approachable and believes in open communication. She holds good rapport with not only students but with their parents as well. ‘Teaching is my passion’ she said.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Masters of Science
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology Genetics
  • more than 5 years experience teaching in tuition centres and colleges
  • Lectured in one of the top colleges in Malaysia which prepared students to become future doctors.
  • Passionate educator


  • Bachelor of Science with Honours (Biology) –  DISTINCTION
  • The Faculty of Science and Technology Dean List
    SPM –  9 As                         2004
  • PMR –  Straight 7As        2002

Her Story

Gone were the days where students are compelled to accept what’s being taught in the classroom without further questioning or adhere to the unspoken rule that the tutor is always right. Under no circumstances should students challenge a tutor for that would only earn them generous berating, if not nasty glares from their peers.

Miss Elizabeth Teh has definitely turned a few heads when she was first introduced to VIP Education. Clad in a bright summer dress with a cardigan top and matching accessories, she had surely stirred initial doubts in the minds of the young audiences sitting before her – despite the pleasant superficial first impression, can she actually teach?

No, Miss Eli does more that that.

It’s interesting how Miss Eli prioritizes slow but consistent teaching rather than merely suffocating students with incomprehensible knowledge just for the sake of completing the syllabus. Instead of imparting knowledge straight off the textbooks, she always attempts to seek appreciation of a new subject in her students as that would garner greater genuine interest in what they are learning besides establishing the necessary core fundamentals. Also, it beats the dread of having to learn a subject purely out of obligation.


Miss Eli simply has got her own tricks in engaging her students in such complicated subjects. Many a time, parents were astounded by the reassuring improvement in their children’s progress. Even students amazed themselves with their untapped potential in acquiring excellence in examinations. This is unsurprising; while Miss Eli’s notes and coaching are no sorcery for a definite A+, they are undeniably comprehensive and concise for easy understanding.

The healthy competition and rivalry induced among the students in Miss Eli’s class is what propelled them to go beyond their limits to achieve greater success. The stress, albeit positive, can sometimes be rather exhausting and intimidating. That is when Miss Eli relieves her students with non-academic matters which somehow serve as an ideal outlet for fun and relaxation. Literally anything sensible is worthy of a discussion whenever Miss Eli is around, from the current news to movies, to the intricacies of budding relationships.

Miss Elizabeth is indeed a lady of versatility and poise. She has inspired many students with her rare yet desirable personality. Her strong empathy oftentimes encouraged several students to approach her for advice and help not only in studies, but personal matters too. Her capability to relate to different groups of people with ease has very much earned her a firm reputation in the hearts of her young students.

Time has changed, so do expectations.

We all know how detestable boring tutors who only mumble to themselves or teachers who only strut their stuffs to create an impression are. Miss Elizabeth, no doubt an all-round tutor, is definitely a student’s choice.

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