Ms Emilia Lillo

To excel in your education is not only getting good grades. With a decent memorization skill and effort, everyone can get good grades. But to truly excel you need to understand the concepts you have learnt, and apply it to your daily life.That is what education is all about. But, the majority of student picked the former because they don’t understand the concepts and thus avoiding to learn altogether. With the right teaching skills, simplifying complex theories, one can really gain interest in what they are learning. With students being enthusiastic in what they are learning, getting good grades is just one of the good thing that come with it.

Interest of what you are studying is key for education. After being a student for so many years, I know what it is like to go through a 2-hour class learning about something you hate. When we lose interest on a certain subject, it is almost likely that we had a bad experience or the lack communication with the teacher. So let’s start learning together!


  • Associates Degree in Sociology, Santa Monica College, California, United States.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, Monash University, Malaysia.

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