Ms Shannon Ong

I remember asking someone: Why do you want to be a teacher? She replied with an astonishing answer: I want to be an inspiration to many, who knew that one day I could be the teacher to the next Einstein. Those words linger in my head till now. I believe DREAMS are made by inspirations and I personally would like to be one.

I believe that education plays a huge role in building up a dream. Without having any knowledge is basically a chef without his tools. How could a chef cook without his tools? That’s why education is important in any career you choose.

I could understand that many may feel discouraged on the way with unsatisfying results, some may even feel like giving up. So, a word of advice: Being able to face challenge is a form of maturity. Don’t give up on your studies for there are greater rewards that awaits you. You will one day reap what you sow.

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

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