Ms Winnie


Ms Winnie is formally educated in Universiti Malaya where she majored in Early Childhood Education.  She is now a teaching member of a government school with 2 years of ongoing experiences in conducting Physics classes. Prior to her academic appointments, Ms Winnie was an examiner for Physics Paper 3 and Paper 2 in year 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Ms Winnie is well liked both as a teaching staff and also as an educator. Her versatile skills and abilities in the scholastic field are evident through her assistance in a variety of school activities apart from managing classes. Ms Winnie presents herself with much literacy and interest in carrying out quality education. She has been able to deal with shy and withdrawn students with appropriate consultations. Her lesson plans are more focused on an effective dimension where students are motivated to learn.  It is in the form of interactive exercises which engage the students to think. Ms Winnie has strong impression on developmental learning where students are taught to somehow develop a capacity for self initiative in learning.


Universiti Malaya (UM), Malaysia (Early Childhood Education)


  • Teach Physics in a government school. First year (4 Form 4 Physics classes and 1 form 4 Additional Mathematics class), Second year till now every year 3 Form 4 classes and 3 Form 5 classes)
    • Providing a stimulating learning environment in which students can develop to their full potential.
    • Utilizing computer resources, including educational software and the Internet, to promote interactive learning.
    • Preparing and implementing remedial programs for students requiring extra help.
    • Providing assistance with career guidance, job placement and follow-up work with students.
    • Organizing and supervising extracurricular and after-school activities.
    • Maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge and researching new topic areas, resources and teaching methods.
  • Marking Physics paper 3 in 2011 and Physics paper 2 in 2012.

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